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Martial Arts

Martial Arts Festival attended by representatives of the following types of martial arts:

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Concert and Sports Hall «SIBUR ARENA»

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Football alley, house 8
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«Sibur Arena» is situated in a beautiful location of St. Petersburg — in the park, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, at the end of Krestovsky Island, which is now organized as the sporting area. Near is the cycle track which is already in force, athletics arena is running and the stadium of football club «Zenith» is under the construction.
Concert and Sports Hall «SIBUR ARENA» is the multipurpose facility for competitions in various sports. The main arena is designed for 7120 seats. Stands with comfortable armchairs arranged in such a way that from any place in the arena the viewer experiences a sense of presence on the playground.

The nearest public transport:
metro «Krestovsky Island» Station (1.9 km)
Bus №14 and №25
stop «Krestovsky Island» (0.8 km)


Frequently asked questions regarding Martial Arts Festival

How can I purchase a ticket for the festival?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to purchase tickets to the festival — The entrance is Completely FREE! There are special invitation tickets that are distributed among school-aged students in Petrogradsky and Primorsky regions of St.Petersburg. The main benefit of the invitation is participation in lottery. Traditionally, the organizers are preparing special souvenirs for the participants — a soccer ball that is signed by Zenith team players, hockey stick with SKA team players signatures, boxing gloves with Nikolai Valuev’s autograph and martial arts books specially signed by authors — Demid Momot, Vasiliy Shestakov, Fedor Emelianenko. Lottery prizewinners are announced during the award ceremony, which celebrates the prizewinners of the Baltic Sea Cup Martial Arts Festival.
You can also participate in the lottery by filling in a designated registration form on our website.

How can I participate in competitions?

In order to be an active participant in Taekwondo competitions please get in touch with the main office of St Petersburg’s Taekwondo Federation by emailing office_tkd@mail.ru or by calling (8-812) 405-90-06. You can also become a participant by filling in a special registration form on our website.

Contacts for English-speaking hapkido participants:

  • hapki.russia@gmail.com
  • +7 921 961 84 38

The Secretary General of the Russian Union of Hapkido Federations –
Andrey V. Tumalev.

What is the best hotel to stay at?
On the threshold of the International Martial Arts Festival Baltic Sea Cup we are pleased to make you a special offer: download General Info about fee, visa, accommodation, transfer

How to get in touch with representatives of the organizing committee?
In order to reach a representative of the organizing committee please email org@cup-baltic-sea.ru or call 8 (812) 232-10-74.

Our Partners

The organizers of the Martial Arts Festival would like to thank their partners — NGOs, government and commercial organizations, without the help of which the holding of the Festival would not be possible.